Business Services

Enhancing the speed, cost, and quality of service by removing data silos and automating processes using intelligent analysis and delivering personalized communication

Improving customer preferences

Increased competition and changing customer preferences to digital engagements and digital delivery of services, have had an impact to the bottom line of many business services organisations. There is a pressing need to improve customer engagement and sales, reducing at the same time customer churn. PracticeVantage’s team of Salesforce experts in business services can help you.

Change is a constant challenge for business services. Customers embracing digital, increased competition from new market entrants, and long-established players adopting new digital technologies, means there is never a sense of stability in the sector.

less churn... more engagement

Helping Understand Customers

PracticeVantage’s expertise with Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and related help business service organizations

Single Source of Truth

By integrating the Salesforce CRM platform across various departments, we can help achieve a single source of truth to improve sales, and customer engagement and reduce customer churn

Data, Analytics and Selling

Powerful rules can help utilize data and analytics to help improve customer retention, while enhancing up-selling and cross-selling

Industry Sectors

Master Series

Checkout our Master Series technology demonstrators that accelerate your Salesforce and DocuSign development work