It’s vital for companies in the insurance industry to be able to engage with customers in an intelligent, integrated, and personalized manner.

Salesforce for the Insurance industry …

PracticeVantage helps develop smart, intelligent systems using the Salesforce platform to help streamline operations and client advisors.  We have deployed Salesforce to:

  1. Insurance agencies
  2. Brokers
  3. MGAs
  4. Carriers
  5. Third party administrators
  6. …etc.

We help track and manage information that is unique to specific business needs.  We ensure that system customizations are reflective of the Insurance industry business needs.

Insurance industry solutions

Manage and Mitigate Risks
As your implementation partner, we can help with the most critical step in the process of adopting the Salesforce platform to support your efforts. We help reduce risks and plan for a successful future ahead
Improve Marketing Automation
We help clients harness the full power of Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds to provide a robust ecosystem for the Marketing departments. Automation is leveraged to the maximum extent possible
Smoothen Backend Processes
Underwriting, renewals, commissions, etc., can be efficiently done in Salesforce. Centralized visibility help improve operational efficiencies, lowers cost and facilitates collaboration with Agencies and Carrier partners
Integrate Salesforce with Legacy Systems
Easily unlock more insights and value by keeping legacy systems functioning without interruption while transforming the business processes. Manual data migrations are unnecessary and systems interact more intuitively
Data and Analytics
Using powerful Salesforce predictive analytics feature, we can turn data into actionable insights
Industry Sectors

Master Series

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