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Improving patients’ outcomes with Salesforce HealthCloud in a highly complex and profoundly impactful industry

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HealthCloud Accreditations @ PracticeVantage

The Salesforce HealthCloud team at PracticeVantage has amassed the “Accredited Professional”s credentials to implement better and drive customer success.  This also demonstrates our full scope of expertise and capabilities.

Innovative Healthcare Organizations

We are working with a group of highly prestigious healthcare organizations to enable them along the Salesforce HealthCloud journey.

Improving Patients’ Outcomes

We have gained years of experience in the Healthcare industry, including providers, payers, medical devices, and life sciences.

Strategy to Implementation

Guiding clients through all phases of their journey helps them realize the value of their Salesforce investment.

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Measuring Health Outcomes

Medical Device companies collect huge quantiles of data. Using this data, we help measure outcomes, helping the medical staff to provide effective treatment

Data Integration

We help analyze and share data collected from medical devices securely and promptly with stakeholders. Caregivers, Physicians, Hospital systems, and Insurers are all connected with a single source of truth

Analytics and Marketing

Patient engagement and marketing channel efforts are automated to the maximum extent which can help guide stakeholders. Interopability between various Salesforce Clouds like HealthCloud, MarketingCloud help demonstrate ROI on customers’ Salesforce instances

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Master Series

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