Financial Services

Automating complex processes and utilizing Financial Services Cloud built entirely on Salesforce 360

Insurance, banking, capital markets...

Monetization of new revenue sources
We help in developing new operating models to help industry partners get more value from their Salesforce Financial Cloud investments
Digital transformation
Financial institutions are driving better experiences for employees and their customers. We help accelerate transformation using the best platform in the business
Our 10+ year experience in working with insurance providers has helped fairly large insurance corporations move legacy business functionality to Salesforce
Banking industry
Loan processing, referrals, agent support and related wealth / asset management via Salesforce

building a salesforce strategy

Stakeholder Discussions
In-depth discussions and working with wealth and asset managers, banking and insurance clients, etc., to customize and optimize workflows, journeys and layouts to help users work more efficiently
Legacy and Siloed Data
Banking and insurance companies usually have legacy data which is often siloed. We help bring data into one single customer view thereby giving advisors effective and simplified experience and seamless, consistent experience for customers
Automation and Enhancements
Utilizing power automation engines of Salesforce, we enhance the full business lifecycle from inception to training, remuneration, etc., that is the backbone of the financial industry
Focussed personalization helps the financial institution's customers feel empowered to handle tasks intelligently, securely, and faster. We help steering clients' needs and help industry advisors close deals faster
We help design and implement a 360-degree view of the customers' data by integrating with internal platforms and leveraging Salesforce Platform features as needed.
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